Established in Turkiye in 2002, Mene Health Group (MHG) has been a pioneering force in clinical research for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. With strategic investments over two decades, MHG has emerged as a pivotal hub in the region for clinical research, with a focus on creating unique service value chains that redefine industry standards.

In a significant stride towards progress, 2020 marked MHG's expansion to the state-of-the-art Mene BioPARK facility spanning 8500 sqm. This expansion propels MHG's capacity to deliver integrated solutions and services across the entire spectrum of drug development: spanning from preclinical stages to post-marketing surveillance studies, as well as medical device trials and real-world evidence studies.

This pivotal move enables MHG to transcend beyond traditional CRO services to offer comprehensive end-to-end support across all phases of product development. Mene Research CRO stands out for providing robust assistance in all facets of clinical research—from protocol development to meticulous data analysis. Complementing this, Mene SMO fortifies infrastructure at affiliated research centers, with Chrondel SA from Switzerland as a reliable resource partner. Depot Meridian efficiently stores CT materials under optimal conditions, while Mene CSL specializes in managing transportation challenges linked to cold-chain products in CTs across multiple sites in Turkiye. Adding to this continuum, Mene Ventures fuels sectoral growth by backing and mentoring new startups through targeted investments.

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This holistic approach renders Mene Health Group a standout leader both locally and globally, solidifying its reputation among premier organizations worldwide. At MHG, we recognize that the success of clinical research projects hinges on a robust and reliable value chain. We have meticulously integrated various functions within our framework to ensure smooth and efficient operations at every stage of the process.

This seamless integration of components at MHG establishes an efficient system, enabling us to deliver high-quality results promptly and cost-effectively—setting us apart as an unmatched entity in the industry. Drawing upon our expertise in the field, we craft bespoke solutions precisely tailored to meet your unique needs, whether they involve regulatory guidance or streamlined logistics management.

In essence, if you seek top-tier service coupled with cutting-edge technology, look no further than MHG—where innovation converges with excellence!